Fall in Love with Drone Photography

1) Playing with the perspective

You can create stunning scenes that make a bold statement with an overhead camera view. Playing with perspective and props within the frame can be an effective way of capturing your viewers’ attention. Think about your composition and what props or scenery you have nearby; tree branches and bicycles are brilliant for introducing unique perspectives into a photograph.

2) Painting the perfect picture

Sand and snow are great for “painting” additional effects into your photographs. From snow angels to “Marry Me?” etched onto a beach, these small extra details will add a unique narrative to your special moments. No snow or sand? Take some chalk pencils and turn your driveway into a canvas for your masterpiece.

3) Stand out with stunning silhouettes

Photography comes to life when utilizing light in unique and interesting ways. Silhouettes can create dramatic effects and strong emotions in a couple’s portrait. Shoot a sunset with your silhouettes positioned against the sun to add a mystical feeling to an already beautiful picture.

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