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FiMI Palm 2 PRO 2022 pocket 4K gimbal
In About FIMI Palm 2 Pro Gimbal Camera

FiMI Palm 2 PRO 2022 pocket 4K gimbal

Palm 2 pro upgraded sensor ,it is a much better option for those who need stabilized footage


The FiMI Palm 2 PRO is a third-generation all-in-one 4K camera with a built-in three-axis stabilizer. A follow-up to the FP2, the gimbal remains roughly the same size as the original but features a larger sensor, a distortion-free lens, a high-performance audio processor, and the ability to shoot higher-quality photos and videos.

Similar to the FIMI X8 SE 2022 drone, the most important upgrade of the FIMI Palm GH4 2022 gimbal is the 1/2″ SONY CMOS sensor making it a much better option for those who need stabilized footage in low-light conditions. The built-in Sony native exposure control and signal processing technology also ensure a 4x higher dynamic range than traditional CMOS sensors.

The Palm2 Pro gimbal can be controlled and configured easily by the 4D joystick and the touchscreen. Inside is a non-removable 2600 mAh battery, providing a claimed 160-minute operating time (for 4k@30fps recording).

In addition to the built-in story mode, it is possible to switch the FIMI Palm 2 GH4 Pro camera to selfie mode in order to view the display while you are vlogging. Active Tracking keeps you in the center of the frame as you move about.

Xiaomi FiMI PALM 2 Pro GH4 key specifications

  • Sony 1/2-inch CMOS image sensor (1.6um pixel size);
  • 128-degrees Degree Distortion-Free 14mm (equiv.) F2.2 Lens;
  • 3-axis mechanical (motorized) stabilization;
  • 4k@30fps, 2.7@60fps, or 1080p@60fps video recording (100Mbps);
  • Face detection and Smart Track;
  • Multiple shooting modes (timelapse video/3X stabilized room/slow motion/panorama);
  • Micro SD slot up to 128 GB;
  • 160-min Battery Life;
  • Weight: 150 g;
  • Dimensions: 132.5×35.5×32.5 mm.
FIMI Palm 2 Pro Gimbal Camera

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