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The Camera Movements for Aerial Photography Storytelling
In About FIMI X8SE Camera Drone

The Camera Movements for Aerial Photography Storytelling

1.Fly Up

Fly up to get a new perspective of your surroundings. Your footage will gradually add depth to the scene, and the audience will develop a greater understanding of the environment.

2.Unfolding Shots

Shoot Down While Flying Forward: Fly forward while gradually rotating the gimbal upwards to unfold a broader view while bringing new elements into the footage. This type of camera movement follows the visual habits of human eyes, making the footage more immersive.

Fly through: Fly through certain elements to connect two scenes. The combination of close shots and the aircraft flying fast creates an adrenaline-pumping tempo

Bypass: Keep a part of the scene out of sight at the start, then begin to uncover as you move forward with the aircraft

3.Closing Shots

Fly Backwards: Control the aircraft to fly in reverse away from the subject. This technique can be used to settle down the tempo of the scene. It is an effective way to create a feeling of peace and tranquility.

4.Tracking Shots

Track from Above: Capture and track your subject from a bird’s eye view. This shows the interaction between the subject and the environment and keeps the footage engaging. The audience will see the speed of the subject and the change of the scene.

Circle and Track: Fly around your subject to give the viewers a 360° perspective of the surroundings. This will emphasize the differences between the subject and the environment in scale, motion, and location. Mavic 3 is exceptional for this. It is equipped with ActiveTrack 5.0, supporting tracking in eight directions to achieve extensive camera movements.

Fixed Tracking: Select your subject and allow the aircraft to follow the action while keeping the subject in the center of the shot. This can be used to give the audience a feeling that they are part of the scene. Usually used in transitions.

Surround and Fly Back: Surround the subject by circling around them while controlling the aircraft to fly backwards. This can be a great way to end your footage with a little drama.

Subject Out of View: No tracking or special camera movements are required; simply wait for your subject to leave the scene. Stay focused on the final scene after your subject has gone. Remove dynamic elements and make the scene still.

Having learned these storytelling tricks, hopefully, you now feel ready to create more impactful film. The FIMI X8SE 2022 V2 Camera Drone is equipped with Sony camera to capture vivid colors in both light and shadow. Its 35 minutes of flight time allows you to try different shots and tempos, all on a single battery.

FIMI X8SE 2022 V2 Camera Drone

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