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Master the Art of Aerial Photography
In About FIMI X8SE Camera Drone

Master the Art of Aerial Photography

Some say photographs are just a combination of light, shadow, and good timing. While this may not paint the complete picture, proper lighting can transform your photography from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Try using these lighting techniques to bring your aerial photography to life.

1.Water | Perfect Reflections

Light interacts with water to create endless photographic possibilities. Adjust the altitude of your drone to avoid overexposed shots.
If you want to capture the reflection of a solid object, you can try lowering the altitude of your drone and positioning the camera at a low angle to find the best reflection.

2. Hours | Golden and Blue

At different hours of the day, the horizon is decorated with many different colors. Golden hour occurs during sunrise or sunset, where soft tones of light illuminate your subject. This is an excellent time to capture a shot of a striking landscape.
Blue hour occurs when the sun is just below the horizon, characterized by a rich blue tone. Use this unique window of time to emphasize subjects with artificial light sources and add a tranquil atmosphere to your photography.

3. Depth | Creating Physical Separation

Lighting plays a key part when trying to create a sense of physical separation in your photography, which can make the image more engaging.
Different lighting conditions influence the perception of space. Brighter lighting can be utilized to make your subject appear farther away, while darker lighting is more effective for objects in the foreground. Experiment with different lighting effects to create a sense of depth in your aerial photography.


4. Silhouette | Hiding the Sun

Creating a silhouette is a beautiful way to showcase your photography. Use backlighting that will illuminate your subjects to create stunning silhouettes.
A simple way to achieve this type of shot is to position the sun directly behind your subject. You can experiment with objects that have interesting profiles, such as people, birds, and buildings.


5. Overcast | Diffusing Light with Clouds

Dark skies with strong cloud coverage are perfect for capturing rays of sunlight.
You can also create black and white pictures to make your photography more dramatic. During post-editing, adjust the highlights and shades to achieve this effect.

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