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8 Tips to Enjoy Summer Flying
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8 Tips to Enjoy Summer Flying

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons of all. Shooting with your drone under the sun will certainly add fun to your aerial journey. While enjoying the flight is important, safety should be a priority as well. You don’t want to lose anything before arriving at home. Here we suggest eight tips to help you enjoy your summer vacation safely.

104°F Alert:Don't let your drone burn

40℃ It's important to keep in mind that the highest working temperature for your aircraft is 104°F (40°C). While flying, the body, battery, and motors of the aircraft warm up at different levels, and it's completely normal. The drone can work safely if the temperature of your aircraft does notexceed104°F. With that said, to prevent aircraft damage, it is best not to fly when the weather or surrounding environment surpasses 104°F (40°C).

When flying in high-temperature environ ments for a longer time, we suggest that you manipulate the remote controller gently, and try not to press the sticks too hard. This way it ensures the discharge capacity of the bat- tery and your aircraft's safety.

The battery won't charge?

The battery temperature will experi- ence a dramatic increase after a long flight. if you charge your battery imme- diately after, it may be damaged. Charging a hot battery right after use might decrease its lifespan. If you charge an overheated battery, the four LED lights will flash continuously. This is a signal that the bat- tery is not charging due to the high temperature. You just need to wait until it cools down, and the battery will start charging again.

Come across a foggy lens?

During the hot summer, lens fog is likely to occur when you enter a hotter environment from an air-conditioned room or car.We suggest that you rest the aircraft in the new environment for a few minutes, then insert your battery to start your journey.

Screen not bright enough?

What if the sunlight is too bright to see the image transmission on your smartphone? You can either increase the brightness of your screen, or use a monitor hood to reduce the interference of light.

Mobile device overheated?

If you are flying with an iOS or an Android phone, it's proba ble that the high temperatures will reduce the running speed of your device and cause the image transmission to lag.

To solve this problem, we recommend that you stop flying right away, and rest your device until it has cooled down. There are also precautions you can take before flying: close all your background apps, take off your device case, and use a monitor hood.

Take a rest

Your drone will experience a slight rise in tempera- ture during flight. After changing the battery, we recommend that you cool your drone down before flying again.

Keep track of weather conditions

Being aware of the weather is an important part of planning your aerial photography. Especially in the summer, when rains and typhoons are common,un- predictable weather will ruin your mood and cut your shooting plans short. Therefore, remember to check the weather forecast before setting off, and if bad weather does occur, you should transfer your drone to a safe spot, keep it dry, and clean it imme diately.

Shoot at the "golden hour"

30 minutes before and after sunrise or sunset is called the "golden hour" for photography.Soft light and unique yellow tone will create a magic filter for your camera, producing beautiful shots.

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