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Essential Drone Travel Tips: Everything You Need to Know
In About FIMI X8 MINI Camera Drone

Essential Drone Travel Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Heading off on your first vacation with a FIMI drone? There’s no doubt drones make excellent travel companions, but lots of travelers wonder if it’s ok to take their drone on a plane and whether it’s ok to fly drones wherever they’re going.

Does that sound like you? If so, check out these practical drone travel tips so that you can travel safely and smartly with peace of mind.

Keep Batteries in Your Carry-on Bag

When you’re traveling by plane, you can either check your drone in or carry it on the plane with you. If you’re flying with a larger drone, you’ll probably need to check it in, since its case is relatively large and may exceed the airline’s size requirements for carry-ons. If you’re flying with a X8 mini drone, bringing it on the plane is certainly viable.

But regardless of whether or not you check your drone, don’t put batteries in a checked bag! This is because bags aren’t stored in a pressurized environment, and temperatures won’t fluctuate as strongly in the passenger cabin. Also, with your bag in an overhead compartment, airline staff can respond quickly in an emergency.

Stay Below Your Airline’s Watt-Hour Limit

The number of batteries you take on a plane isn’t as significant as their particular watt-hours (Wh). According to the FAA’s website, if your batteries are below 100 Wh, you can carry on as many as you like. If they’re between 101 and 160 Wh, you’re allowed to carry on at most two batteries.
X8 MINI batteries are well below 100 Wh at 16.94Wh, as are X8SE batteries at 51.3 Wh.

However, be aware that FAA regulations don’t apply to every airline or country. Be sure to check aviation administration regulations in the country to which you’re traveling and check your airline’s rules.

Use an Appropriate Bag or Case

FIMI has a wide selection of bags at the FIMI Official Store. We recommend using a hard shell case, like the Multi-Functional Backpack. if you plan to check your drone or if you’re concerned about your drone’s safety in general. If you’re carrying on your bag, there are plenty of additional bags to choose from, like the Everyday Sling and Nat Geo Explorer Backpack.

Remember that laws vary from country to country, and laws where you live don’t necessarily apply elsewhere. Respect the regulations in the country your visiting and check their aviation authority’s official website for details.

FIMI X8 MINI Camera Drone

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