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FIMI X8 Pro Drone,  the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus will be in sale!
En Acerca del dron con cámara FIMI X8SE

FIMI X8 Pro Drone, the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus will be in sale!

FIMI X8 Pro Drone:  the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus

The FIMI X8 Pro includes a high-performance 3800mAh Li-Po battery known as the Intelligent Flight Battery. For those seeking extended flight time, the optional Intelligent Flight Battery Plus with an impressive 5000mAh capacity is available for purchase separately. Look out for its release in April, and take your drone experience to new heights with enhanced power and endurance.

FIMI X8 Pro Drone: Radio Controls
The radio control supplied as standard with the FIMI X8 Pro is practical and ergonomic. It features two handles on the sides and a tray in the center where you can place your smartphone or tablet. The latter features a well-thought-out sliding system that can be stretched to accommodate appliances of all sizes.
Like its rival DJI, FIMI also offers an optional remote control with integrated display.

This radio control, the FIMI TX10A, features a large 5.5″ touchscreen with 1080p resolution and 1000 nits brightness. It offers added convenience, so you don’t have to waste time connecting your smartphone, and preserves its battery.

The FIMI X8 Pro uses the manufacturer’s RokLink video transmission system. It offers a range of up to 15 km, regardless of the radio control selected.

FIMI X8 Pro Droneconclusion: should you buy it?
If you're in search of a feature-rich drone that won't break the bank, look no further than the FIMI X8 Pro. With its versatile flying options, advanced obstacle detection, remarkable battery longevity, and upgraded 1/1.3" camera, this drone delivers exceptional value for your investment.

FIMI X8P Camera Drone

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Mensajes recientes