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FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed Wing

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FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed wing Tiltrotor vertical takeoff and landing design 500g Compact and portable with modular quick-detach design.

 The features:

1. Tiltrotor vertical takeoff and landing design. ​
2. Flying wing biomimetic design with high endurance.
3. Compact and portable with modular quick-detach design.
4. Perfectly compatible with mainstream open-source flight control hardware ecosystems available on the market.

Manta Package Options:

​Manta is available in two packages, the PNP version and the PNP-FC version. Both packages do not include batteries and remote controls and need to be configured by the user. If you opt for the PNP-FC version, you will only need to match the battery and remote control after receiving it, making it ready to fly. Please note that the PNP-FC version will be available later. ​ ​

Battery and Remote Control Recommendations: ​For optimal performance, we recommend using a 3S lithium battery and a remote control with a receiver that outputs SBUS signal or CRSF signal. We have listed some compatible remote controls for your convenience, including: ​ ​

Radiomaster tX16S MKII ​
Radiomaster TX12
Radiomaster BOXER ​
Radiomaster ZORRO ​
Other brands: FRSKY, FLYSKY, Radiolink, JUMPER, WLFLY, SIYI ​

​Flight Controller Compatibility: ​The PNP version is compatible with the F405-WING flight controller ( and requires a 4-in-1 ESC with a minimum of 20A. ​ ​

Flight Controller Configuration: ​Please be aware that the Manta flight controller cannot be directly plugged into the O3 air terminal and will require soldering. ​ ​

Power Plug Model: ​For your convenience, the power plug model used in the Manta PNP-FC version is XT30. ​ ​

Flight Height and Distance: ​The flight height and distance of Manta are determined by the capabilities of the user's remote control and image transmission equipment. ​ ​

FPV Function and Image Transmission: ​If you wish to continue experiencing the FPV function, you will need to purchase and install the simulation or high-definition image transmission equipment separately. ​

​Instructions for Novice Users: ​
Manta is designed for experienced model airplane flight enthusiasts. Novice users are advised to have prior experience in flying model aircraft. Inexperienced handling during take-off may result in accidents or damage to the product. As such, we regret to inform you that we do not provide after-sales service for accidents caused by lack of flying experience. We kindly request you to consider this before making a purchase.

Flying Wing Biomimetic Layout Design

The Manta vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing utilizes a Y3 configuration with tilting rotor design, combining the advantages of multirotor hover capability with efficient cruising characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft.

The choice of a flying wing, tailless layout design gives the product a unique and innovative appearance, optimizing the fuselage volume, enhancing endurance, with a maximum flight time of up to 85 minutes.

The Y3 configuration with tilting rotors combined with a flying wing tailless design makes the flight more versatile and efficient.


Manta adopts a locking four-bar linkage-tilting structure with metal gear servos and all-metal rocker arms. It features high impact resistance and a compact structure and requires only simple and hassle-free maintenance.

Manta’s tilting structure, designed with modularity in mind, allows for quick and easy replacement and assembly.

Manta supports quick assembly and disassembly of wings, is compact and easy to carry, and convenient for storage.

Made with lightweight, high-density, environmentally friendly EPP material, Manta possesses compressive cushioning and thermal insulation properties. It is resilient, resistant to deformation, durable against impacts, and easy to repair.

The wings are reinforced with embedded carbon rods, making them lightweight and enabling more agile flying. The high toughness ensures that the wings are less prone to breakage.

The Manta features an extra-large capacity battery compartment that is compatible with 3S1p 18650, 4S1p 18650, and 3S1p 21700 batteries.

The multi-functional equipment compartment provides perfect support for analog image transmission and high-definition image transmission.

Manta supports expandability and is compatible with the FIMI G21 Pro three-axis gimbal camera.

ArduPilot open-source firmware

Being fully compatible with open-source software allows users to customize their own configurations. Since its code is continuously synchronized in real time with official software, it offers a high level of playability.

Reliable hardware design

Three-in-one design with 20A ESCs for each channel. Open-source flight controller hardware. ​
4-channel serial port
​Supports GPS, HD video transmission, and a CRSF protocol receiver (compatible with TBS and ELRS) ​
2-channel I2C ​
Supports electronic compass and airspeed sensor (not included by default). ​
1-channel SBUS
​Supports an SBUS receiver, analog video transmission, and camera

Rich playability

*Modification/installation effects are for reference only.

Designed with multiple considerations to indulge the joy of flying!



Length:445mm ​Takeoff Weight: 500g

Endurance:60min(3s 1p 18650 3000mah) ​Cruising Speed: 12m/s

Stall Speed: 8m/s ​Wing Area: 11.8dm²

Motor: 2004 2700kv ​ESC:20A three-in-one ESC

Propeller: 6026 two-blade propeller ​Battery: Recommended 3S 1P 18650 or 3S 1P 21700 5000mAh (maximum endurance of 85 minutes)


Endurance Configuration Details:

 Battery Model: 3S1p 21700

Capacity: 5000mAh

Takeoff Weight: 550g

Maximum Flight Time: 85 minutes

Cruising Speed: 12m/s (without video transmission installed)


Battery Model: 3S1p 18650

Capacity: 3000mAh

Takeoff Weight: 550g

Maximum Flight Time: 60 minutes

Cruising Speed: 12m/s (with Caddx Vista Air Unit video transmission installed)

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