About FIMI

About FIMI:
FIMI was founded by a group of geek engineers in May, 2014. We uphold the faith of developing products and focus on conquering different technical difficulties.
We have accumulated experience and expertise in core areas and got hundreds of patents for the entire system in the drone industry, including flight control, robust wireless link, mechatronic design, gimbals and image stabilization system, computer vision and other fields.
At FIMI, we recognize and practice the values of Xiaomi. Based on the democratic design concept, we design products for more than 80% of the public, and firmly believe that good design is the design that most people are willing to use and should be affordable to use. As a young company, we are committed to bring innovations to everyone.

FIMI's Slogan:
Cost competitive, good quality, driven by user experience - draw on Xiaomi's belief, FIMI as Xiaomi's eco-system company is led every step of the way by our customers.

2014.5 Founded as a member of the xiaomi ecosystem.
2016.5 The xiaomi drone 1080P was released and reached the crowdfunding goal in 3 hours.
2017.3 The xiaomi drone 4k was released and became one of the most popular AP drones under 500 USD.
2017.8 The mijia 4k action camera was released and became the market leader in China in 3 months.
2017.10 The handheld gimbal for action camera was released.
2017.11 The handheld gimbal for 4k drone camera was released.
2018.4 The mitu mini drone was released and became the bestseller in China in a month.
2018.5 The mijia handheld gimbal for mobile was released.
2018.10 FIMI A3 drone was released.
2018.12 FIMI X8SE drone was released, sweeping quadcopter sales lists on platforms including Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest and so on.
2019.11 FIMI PALM Gimbal camera was released and became the bestseller on Amazon.
2020.5 FIMI X8SE 2020 drone was released.
2020.12 FIMI PALM 2 Gimbal Camera was released.
2021.4 FIMI X8 Mini drone was released.
2021.9 FIMI X8SE 2022 drone was released.
2022.1 FIMI PALM 2 PRO Gimbal Camera was released.
2022.5 FIMI X8SE 2022 V2 drone was released.
2022.6 FIMI TX10 Remote Controller was released.
2023.3 FIMI X8 Pro drone was released.
2023.4 FIMI X8 Mini v2 drone was released.
2023.5 FIMI TX10A Remote Controller was released.
2023.7 FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed Wing was released.
2024.4 FIMI MINI 3 drone was released.
2024.7 FIMI X8 Tele drone was released.